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Own your copy of one of these critically acclaimed L-Biz projects featuring production from Carolinah Blu, Castle Money Beats, PA Dre, Kidd Called Quest & More. All purchases come with free digital download code!!!

The Cool Table LP - (1.) Phi Betta Gamma [Intro] (2.) The Cool Table feat. The Source Academy & Pretty Bulli (3.) Home [nYc] (4.) Chasin' feat. Danielle Sinclair (5.) Round Of Applause [cuts by Tone Spliff] (6.) Foul Verses RMX feat. G4 Jag, Alma Ave Writtens & Kya [cuts by Tone Spliff] (7.) The Burial Song feat. Pretty Bulli (8.) Night At The Improv feat. K-Prez (9.) Go Hard

Ladder Day Saint - Ladder Day Saint (2.) The F.O.G. [Fear Of God] (3.) Move Us feat. Planet Asia & Twiz (4.) Lions feat. Son Of Tony (5.) Off Safety (6.) Hunger Pains feat. DJ Big Rob (7.) Fathers [Interlude] (8.) Daddy's Princesses feat. Kya (9.) Free Gems feat. 7xve TheGenius & Danielle Sinclair (10.) Blame God (11.) Dirty Game feat. G4 Jag (12.) My Back Pack

Never Cry - Take It feat. Snyp Life (2.) Both Sides (3.) Back On Me feat. Jimmy Hu$tle (4.) Be Free feat. Son Of Tony & PA Dre (5.) Amerikkan Pie (6.) Never Cry [pt. 1 & 2] (7.) Honor Amongst Thieves feat. Nash Boogie (8.) Chapter 35 (9.) Red Walls (10.) Communion

eErie CoUnty - (1.) For The Homies feat. Son Of Tony (2.) Now (3.) Black Hole (4.) Banana Puddin' (5.) F.Y.P. [F**k Your Plug] (6.) Mobbin' feat. Kony Brooks (7.) Turns